Answers to Questions About the Big Bold Business Books

Still have a question about author requirements and responsibilities for the Big Bold Business Book Series?

Simply look below for the answer.

Do I have to live in New Jersey, for example, to write for the NJ Big Bold Business Book?

No. As long as you have a branch, office, or bricks-and-mortar store that is located in New Jersey, your chapter can be included in the NJ Big Bold Business Book. You can live anywhere. The same goes for other books in the Big Bold Business Book Series, contributing authors must be the owner of a business located in the USA.

What if I run my business from home?

Many successful businesses are home-based. As long as you have been in business for one year, you can contribute a chapter to the book.

To contribute a chapter, is a minimum number of years in business required?

One year.

What if one or more of my business partners are male?

Aside from Volume 1 of the Big Bold Business Book Series, which was only open to NJ women business owners, all future volumes will be open to any U.S. business owner, regardless of gender.

What if all my business partners want to contribute?

Each business-owning partner can contribute a separate chapter. With many topics to choose from, each partner can write about the topic related to his or her expertise. (Go here to see a sample selection of topics.)

Will every chapter submitted be accepted?

Unless the information is inappropriate, blatantly promotional, or does not offer worthwhile business advice, your submission should be accepted. (Go here to see a sample chapter.)

Can I hire a ghostwriter to write my chapter?

Yes. Some business owners can’t write, don’t like to write, or don’t have the time to write. Besides, many published authors have spread their message with the help of a ghostwriter.

What else do I need to know before I submit my chapter?

Your work must be original. Your idea doesn’t have to be original-just your words. Simply put: Do not steal someone else’s words and pass them off as your own. Remember this warning from your high school English teacher: Do not plagiarize.

Will you use my suggested title?

The title is the hook that grabs the reader’s attention. The editor will decide.

Is there a word limit for each chapter?

Each chapter will be between about 1000 words.

What if I go over the word limit?

To be fair to each of the contributing authors, please stay within the word limit. If you go over the word limit, you will be asked to whittle down your words and then kindly resubmit your word-reduced chapter.

Is there anything else I should know?

To promote you and your business, we’ll need a head shot for your bio box information. A photo by a professional photographer is a smart investment. Go here to see a sample bio box.

As a contributing author, can I purchase books at a special rate?

Yes. Contributing authors can purchase books at a one-time, special prepublication price. After that, authors can purchase additional books at the special author price.

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