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BBB Author News: Soraya (Morgan) Gutman’s TEDx Talk Just Released

SorayaMorgan--RedcoatSoraya (Morgan) Gutman
TEDx Talk Just Released

Soraya (Morgan) Gutman, president–executive services at Brand Launcher, Baltimore, Maryland, presented a TEDx Talk in Wilmington, Delaware, called “How to Connect to Anyone,” and the official video of her talk has recently been released. In her TEDx Talk, she explores the diversity of human personalities and cultures, simplifying them into two basic types.

Gutman’s presentation focuses on communication techniques to foster better relationship-building among people of all backgrounds and genders. Her simple techniques comprise vocal as well as visual and auditory components to allow individuals to communicate in a consistent and powerful way, regardless of personality, cultural background, or generational differences.

“Having worked with hundreds of business owners and C-level executives throughout my career, I’ve discovered a lot of dos and don’ts when working with different ages, personalities, and cultures,” Gutman explains. “My seminars on how to connect authentically with someone who is so vastly different from you are usually three to four hours long. And they all started with observations from my Egyptian father and German mother. My challenge for the TED Talk was how to communicate all this knowledge and insight in 12 minutes!”

Gutman, a resident of Wilmington, has 15 years of hands-on business experience in the private, public, and military sectors. She brings her unstoppable enthusiasm and drive to every presentation, with the goal of helping clients, colleagues, and audiences identify and conquer their toughest business and management problems. Gutman is an entertaining and engaging speaker who connects with diverse audiences wherever she appears.

To view Gutman’s TEDx Talk, go to TED Talks are produced and owned by TED Conferences, LLC, New York, New York.

Brand Launcher is a strategic business firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow sales and enhance company performance. The company provides coaching and consulting in three spheres: business operations, marketing, and work/life balance. The Brand Launcher team is comprised of senior-level mentors with years of real-world experience. For more information, visit, email, or call 410-235-7070.

TEDxWilmingtonWomen_SorayaGutman_(Credit_PhotosbyAlessandra_©Alessandra Nicole)











(Photo Credit: Photos by Alessandra, © Alessandra Nicole)

Soraya is a contributing author in Volume 2 of the Big Bold Business Book. You can read more on the topic of her talk in her chapter (#27), “How to Effectively Connect with Anyone Regardless of Personality, Culture, or Age.”

Congratulations, Soraya!


BBB Author News: Brenda Hendrickson Exhibits Artwork at Kearny Bank in Montville on October 13

HendricksonBrenda-2009_crBig Bold Business Author Brenda Hendrickson will be exhibiting her paintings at Kearny Bank, 339 Main Street in Montville, NJ on October 13, 2016 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

In addition to being a contributing author to Volumes 1 and 2 of the Big Bold Business Book Series, Brenda is also the author of How to Be a Frugal Millionaire.

Her paintings are also available as prints, note card sets, and more.

The Neighbor News (Denville edition) covered the story. For more details,
read the full article.

Below are two of her originals.

blh_3_sm blh_7_sm_cr


BBB Volume 2 Author John Cafiero Offers Free Book and Training Video

Believe it and Receive it FrontCover_FINALJohn A. Cafiero, author of Chapter 1 in Big Bold Business Advice from U.S. Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success, is offering a free copy of his soon-to-be-published first book, Believe It and Receive It: Turn Your Dreams into Reality (Woodpecker Press, 2016).

The first 1000 people to register for their free book will also receive a free online training video in which he presents a creative strategy that you can implement to realize your dreams.

Register for your free copy today!

John A. Cafiero is a business and life coach with 30-plus years of sales and marketing experience. He has successfully built and sold two businesses valued at several million dollars and now spends time helping others do the same. John strategically designs one-on-one weekly, monthly, and annual coaching programs that can be provided in person, over the phone, or through video chat to help business owners increase sales quickly rather than them struggling to do it alone. He also helps people align their dreams with their reality.

He trains sales teams with proven systems for selling more in all types of businesses, and his proven techniques can be customized to fit any industry. He delivers training that engages participants with easy-to-understand strategies and practical implementation tactics based on sound selling fundamentals. John earned a BS in marketing and management from Montclair State University.


Making an Impact — An Article by BBB Author Monica C. Smith

Big Bold Business Author Monica C. SmithThis is the beginning of a terrific article, first published on LinkedIn by Monica C. Smith, on June 10, 2016. We’re sharing it here because it’s definitely worth reading. Life is finite. You can make an impact if you prioritize. Read it and think about it.

Making an Impact

by Monica C. Smith
Founder and CEO, Marketsmith, Inc.

“In the great scheme of things, what matters is not how long you live, but why you live, and what you stand for.” – Paul Watson, Environmental Activist

Last month, I had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the 4th Annual National Conference for Women in Nonprofit Leadership, sponsored by Fairleigh Dickinson University and held at the Wyndham-Hamilton Park Hotel Conference Center.  This year’s conference focus was on “Making an Impact in a Changing World” – a challenging feat in the busy, frantic times we live in, but not an impossible one.

My speech focused on something I’m often asked about: finding the time and bandwidth to make an impact.  As I shared with conference attendees, my approach to achieving this is threefold: first and foremost, take a stand, as Watson states.  Second, understand that the world is fundamentally unfair and harsh – and approach every interaction with kindness.  Finally, change your priorities.  Understand that you cannot do it all, and do instead what you love.

To make an impact, you have to take a stand from a place of passion and compassion.  In practice, taking a stand means creating a framework for your life that starts with a mission statement.  For me, mine is that my life is my business, and my business is my life.  That is my Brand.  When you stand for something, you will make an impact.  It is that simple.

Next, recognize that the world is unfair, and it is therefore critical for all of us to come from a place of kindness…

Click here to continue reading…


Joyce Restaino and Maria-Elena Grant Donate BBB Volume 2 to Local Library

Two-Time BBB Authors Donate Second Volume of the Big Bold Business
Book to the West Milford Township Library

This is a terrific way for authors to get free press and other PR exposure, and everyone wins. The library receives books for its collection at no cost, the authors get exposure in their town newspaper, and the BBB Book is now available to be read by the residents in their local library, which is great for the readers, the book, and all the other contributing authors as well.