Making an Impact — An Article by BBB Author Monica C. Smith

Big Bold Business Author Monica C. SmithThis is the beginning of a terrific article, first published on LinkedIn by Monica C. Smith, on June 10, 2016. We’re sharing it here because it’s definitely worth reading. Life is finite. You can make an impact if you prioritize. Read it and think about it.

Making an Impact

by Monica C. Smith
Founder and CEO, Marketsmith, Inc.

“In the great scheme of things, what matters is not how long you live, but why you live, and what you stand for.” – Paul Watson, Environmental Activist

Last month, I had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the 4th Annual National Conference for Women in Nonprofit Leadership, sponsored by Fairleigh Dickinson University and held at the Wyndham-Hamilton Park Hotel Conference Center.  This year’s conference focus was on “Making an Impact in a Changing World” – a challenging feat in the busy, frantic times we live in, but not an impossible one.

My speech focused on something I’m often asked about: finding the time and bandwidth to make an impact.  As I shared with conference attendees, my approach to achieving this is threefold: first and foremost, take a stand, as Watson states.  Second, understand that the world is fundamentally unfair and harsh – and approach every interaction with kindness.  Finally, change your priorities.  Understand that you cannot do it all, and do instead what you love.

To make an impact, you have to take a stand from a place of passion and compassion.  In practice, taking a stand means creating a framework for your life that starts with a mission statement.  For me, mine is that my life is my business, and my business is my life.  That is my Brand.  When you stand for something, you will make an impact.  It is that simple.

Next, recognize that the world is unfair, and it is therefore critical for all of us to come from a place of kindness…

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