BBB Vol. 2 Excerpt of Theodora Sergiou’s Chapter on Employee Termination

Sergiou-Theodora-Photo_hr_2013Theodora Sergiou

Vice President and COO
Nicholas Pools, Inc.
Toms River, NJ

Chapter 35
“Employee Management: Know When to Hold Them and Know When to Fire Them”

Excerpt: Every business owner or manager eventually faces a critical moment when she must decide to keep a particular problem employee or replace that person. Everyone knows how difficult it is to find hardworking, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and loyal employees. Once you have found… and have invested time and money in training, it is not an easy task to let that individual go. However, there comes a time when a business owner or manager must decide: hold them or fire them?

Here’s what I’ve learned: the process is unpleasant for both you and them, and you must tread carefully with people’s feelings, but be firm…

Letting someone go also creates its own problems… Plan ahead, be prepared. Most of all, remember it is imperative that you follow your instinct and know when and how to keep employees or let them go.

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