BBB Vol. 2 Excerpt of Marwa Abdelbary’s Chapter on Turning $3K into a $3-Million/Year Company

Abdelbary_crMarwa Abdelbary

Owner of Tiny Tots Therapy Inc.
Scotch Plains, NJ
and East Brunswick, NJ

 Chapter 9
Turning a $3,000 Investment into a $3 Million-a-Year Business:
Not Easy But It Can Be Done”

 Excerpt: The thought of starting a business can be overwhelming. So much to consider: the type of business, a business plan, where the funding will come from, and more. I was in this position once, and it was daunting. Then I took a step back and asked myself, what if it can be simpler than that? Could I take the plunge slowly, start small, and take it one step at a time? Would that, eventually, get me where I wanted to go?

Turns out, I could, and it can…

And in seven years, we’ve transformed our initial investment of $3,000 into a company that grosses more than $3 million a year, without any debt.

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