10 Wisdoms for Success in Life and Business by Jolie Glassman

Glassman_Jolie_2crJolie Glassman, the owner/operator of Miami’s world famous South Beach Boxing since 1998, is a teacher, trainer, fitness/life/business coach, and consultant who defines herself as a “student of life.” An inspirational fitness icon for over 25 years, with an ongoing commitment to personal growth, Jolie used her motto “You Don’t’ Have to Be a Boxer to Train Like One” as a platform to establish one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious gyms. Jolie holds degrees in education and behavior, and as part of her commitment to help “underdogs,” has taught at several Florida lockdown facilities. As an international coach and consultant, she has helped revamp and transform tens of thousands of people’s lives. To learn more, visit the website, where you can click on the About tab and then the “Meet the Owner” link to read Jolie’s full bio. Here’s her contact information:


BigBoldBusiness_Front-Cover_US-Owners_6_2015_web_borderRead Jolie’s chapter in Big Bold Business Advice from U.S. Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success, published by Woodpecker Press, 2015.

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