BBB Author Update: Bonnie Jerbasi’s First Book Signing

Big Bold Business Author and Montclair attorney, Bonnie Jerbasi, held the first book signing for her new book, You Don’t Have to Sell the Farm to Get Rid of the Jackass: A Primer on How to Divorce without Remorse.

On hand to support their fellow BBB Author, were Holly Kaplansky, owner of Minuteman Press of Newark, and Gene Sower, owner of For more photos from the book signing, go to the BBB Facebook Photo Album for this event.









For those who are contemplating divorce, in the midst of divorce, or embroiled in postjudgment proceedings, Jerbasi’s book sheds light on the workings of the legal profession and provides the knowledge and tools needed to get through the divorce process with confidence, less stress, and a good idea of what to expect. Written in simple, straightforward language, the book also covers things like how to choose the perfect attorney, how to keep control of your own case and budget, and how to keep a sane perspective while your relationship ends and your family structure changes so you can move forward gracefully into your new life.

To learn more about Bonnie and her law practice, visit The book is available in print and e-book formats.


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