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Training and Development: How Smart Business Owners Invest in Their Employees

by Lilie Donahue

Lilie Donahue, CPA, is the president of Payroll Architechs and several affiliate companies that provide business services throughout the United States in the area of payroll, benefits, human resources, tax, accounting, business administration, and paperless office. With more than sixteen years of public ac­counting experience in “Big Six” firms and as the chief operat­ing officer for a regional accounting firm, Lilie has tremendous insight into the inner workings of many businesses. Her passion for best practices ignited her interest to provide services in a way that increased client efficiencies, compliance, and profitability. She is a member of several organizations, including the American Institute of CPAs and the American Payroll Association. For a free consultation to discuss how Lilie and her team can support your business, call 888-700-8154, e-mail, or visit



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