Successful businesswomen deserve to be recognized

That’s one reason we decided to create this opportunity for women business owners in New Jersey to share their expertise in our upcoming book, Jersey Women Mean Business! Big, Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success, due out next year. We know there are lots of successful women business owners who have knowledge, insight, experience, and maybe just a few secrets worth sharing. We want to give them the place to share their valuable ideas and also to earn the credibility they deserve by writing a chapter for this book. And—for the reader—just imagine having the opportunity to learn from 100 of these amazing women all in one place!

We know that this will be a powerful combination for all involved. The authors will gain insight from each other and become more successful. The readers will benefit from having this valuable business resource book on hand to guide them as they strive to attain success in business.

Furthermore, the authors receive increased credibility and exposure that comes with authorship, and benefit from being part of an awesome group of 100 Big, Bold Business Authors, who will network with and become resources for each other.

So, don’t wait. Make an investment in yourself. Take the expense as a deduction in 2010 and benefit from the exposure, added credibility, and your new author status in 2011, all year long, and well into the future! Unlike a magazine profile, books last forever, and the Big, Bold Business book will be on the shelves of hundreds, if not thousands, of businesspeople across the state.

To find out more about how you can become a Big, Bold Business author, click here today!


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