Best Gift Ever – Become a BBB Author!

How could this option –  becoming a published author – be anything but fabulous? I’ve been a published journalist for years, racking up over 600 different bylines with a bunch of different print publications and online venues, but to date the “author” credential has eluded me! No one’s fault but my own – work/life circumstances have kept me hopping – so I’ve talked about landing my first book deal, but have not made the time to put together the kind of book proposal I know I need. I still plan on doing that first thing next year, but I’m thrilled to be a part of the Big, Bold Business Advice book too, because it’s an amazingly easy way to obtain a real  “author” status!

As a Big, Bold Business Advice author all I have to do is write one meaty chapter filled with great guerrilla marketing tips (because that’s my expertise and the chapter/topic  I reserved). I’ll be in the company of other dynamic, successful women business owners, who will also be a part of this ground-breaking project!

As a BBB author  you’ll also get timely, practical marketing tips – which you can benefit from in 2 ways. You can use the  BBB Marketing Toolkit to help promote your new author status AND to promote your particular business/product and/or services too.

One of the best perks of signing on with Woodpecker Press – every author owns the copyrights to their chapter, something that is not available to many other self-published authors who have gone with other self-publishing firms.

Another thing I love about this independently published book by Woodpecker Press – it’s a fiscally prudent advertising option. Think about it – what does $595 buy you, in terms of other advertising options that are out there? Perhaps you can secure a few months of online exposure with a tile or leaderboard ad on website (depending on the amount of traffic the site has). That amount might cover a 1/4 page print ad in your daily or weekly paper (again depending on the circulation) – which has an extremely short life span. Or you could probably pay for a 1/2 or even full page black and white ad in your local Chamber of Commerce directory…but the odds of a large number of people actually thumbing through the directory, finding your ad and calling you as a result of the ad, are getting slimmer and slimmer.

It’s a fact – our once tried and true promotional campaigns /investments need to be tweaked because of the internet and new mobile marketing options;  because both of these platforms are swiftly changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

The good news: being an author is still a golden ticket! You can proudly promote your author status online in your e-newsletters, in your email signature, on your website(s), in your blog(s), in your social networking world, with PR, and at every event and face-to-face networking venue you attend. An “author” credential is literally a passport to new worlds – where you can build your brand, expert-ize yourself, attract new clients, improve your chances of connecting with members of the media, open new doors through speaking engagements, as well as developing new revenue streams (from book sales and paid speaking gigs).

So give yourself the best gift ever – sign up today, reserve your chapter/topic and become a Jersey Women Mean Business! Big Bold Business Advice from 100 New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success Author in 20-11!


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