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The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf, written by Big Bold Business Author Judith Tilton and her grandson, Jake Magaldi, received some fantastic media attention recently with a beautiful write-up published on about the book and its unique grandmother-grandson coauthor collaboration.

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BBB Author News: Sue Waldman Hosts Series of Personal Growth Seminars

Big Bold Business Author Sue Waldman Hosts

Living, Loving, & Learning

Summer 2017 Personal Growth Seminars

Sue Waldman is a licensed psychotherapist, inspirational certified life coach,
and Karuma Reiki Master with a private practice in Verona, New Jersey.

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Big Bold Business Author Judith Schumacher-Tilton Writes Children’s Book with Her Grandson Jake Magaldi

The AdveThe Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golfntures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf

by Judith Tilton and Jake Magaldi

Illustrated by Kate Tortland

Meet Meadowlark, the tiny, big-hearted bird who is on a mission to learn how to play golf, then teach other birds how to play.

This delightful, uplifting story with rich, stunning illustrations, challenges conventional wisdom about the limitations and expectations assigned to all creatures at birth. A story about curiosity, determination, and what it takes to knock down widely held beliefs, Meadowlark’s tale illustrates how observation, perseverance, and the joy of learning open our eyes, not only to a world of possibilities, but to the world around us.

For beginning readers to fifth-graders, Meadowlark’s story is like a breath of fresh air, bringing relief from the dizzying pace of the high-tech world we live in.

Meet the Authors

Jake Magaldi, a New Jersey high-school student, has always had tremendous enthusiasm for learning and writing, combined with a passion for the outdoors and the world around him. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing golf with friends and family, including his grandmother, Judith Tilton.

Judith Schumacher-Tilton is president of Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group, New Jersey’s largest volume Chevy dealer, with locations in Clifton, Denville, Livingston, and Little Falls. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her leadership roles in business, in her industry, and in the community she serves.

This book began with a “little seed” planted by Judi and came to life through Jake’s creative writing. Because of their love for each other and the game of golf, this grandson/grandmother author team helped that little seed to blossom into a beautiful story about a little bird, Meadowlark, and his passion for golf. Meadowlark’s goal is to learn to play golf and share his knowledge and joy for the game with all the other birds.

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BBB Author News: Soraya (Morgan) Gutman’s TEDx Talk Just Released

SorayaMorgan--RedcoatSoraya (Morgan) Gutman
TEDx Talk Just Released

Soraya (Morgan) Gutman, president–executive services at Brand Launcher, Baltimore, Maryland, presented a TEDx Talk in Wilmington, Delaware, called “How to Connect to Anyone,” and the official video of her talk has recently been released. In her TEDx Talk, she explores the diversity of human personalities and cultures, simplifying them into two basic types.

Gutman’s presentation focuses on communication techniques to foster better relationship-building among people of all backgrounds and genders. Her simple techniques comprise vocal as well as visual and auditory components to allow individuals to communicate in a consistent and powerful way, regardless of personality, cultural background, or generational differences.

“Having worked with hundreds of business owners and C-level executives throughout my career, I’ve discovered a lot of dos and don’ts when working with different ages, personalities, and cultures,” Gutman explains. “My seminars on how to connect authentically with someone who is so vastly different from you are usually three to four hours long. And they all started with observations from my Egyptian father and German mother. My challenge for the TED Talk was how to communicate all this knowledge and insight in 12 minutes!”

Gutman, a resident of Wilmington, has 15 years of hands-on business experience in the private, public, and military sectors. She brings her unstoppable enthusiasm and drive to every presentation, with the goal of helping clients, colleagues, and audiences identify and conquer their toughest business and management problems. Gutman is an entertaining and engaging speaker who connects with diverse audiences wherever she appears.

To view Gutman’s TEDx Talk, go to TED Talks are produced and owned by TED Conferences, LLC, New York, New York.

Brand Launcher is a strategic business firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow sales and enhance company performance. The company provides coaching and consulting in three spheres: business operations, marketing, and work/life balance. The Brand Launcher team is comprised of senior-level mentors with years of real-world experience. For more information, visit, email, or call 410-235-7070.

TEDxWilmingtonWomen_SorayaGutman_(Credit_PhotosbyAlessandra_©Alessandra Nicole)











(Photo Credit: Photos by Alessandra, © Alessandra Nicole)

Soraya is a contributing author in Volume 2 of the Big Bold Business Book. You can read more on the topic of her talk in her chapter (#27), “How to Effectively Connect with Anyone Regardless of Personality, Culture, or Age.”

Congratulations, Soraya!


BBB Author News: Brenda Hendrickson Exhibits Artwork at Kearny Bank in Montville on October 13

HendricksonBrenda-2009_crBig Bold Business Author Brenda Hendrickson will be exhibiting her paintings at Kearny Bank, 339 Main Street in Montville, NJ on October 13, 2016 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

In addition to being a contributing author to Volumes 1 and 2 of the Big Bold Business Book Series, Brenda is also the author of How to Be a Frugal Millionaire.

Her paintings are also available as prints, note card sets, and more.

The Neighbor News (Denville edition) covered the story. For more details,
read the full article.

Below are two of her originals.

blh_3_sm blh_7_sm_cr